What is Special about Our Oncology Home Care Program?


  • Our staff is experienced in providing oncology care, and each discipline is  specialty trained.


  • We share a wealth of oncology experience from which our patients and their caregivers benefit daily.


  • Our Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) keeps our staff informed on state-of-the-art changes in cancer care delivery and ensures that our practice provides the most current and advanced home care treatment. The CNS is also available for consultation on complex patient care needs and pain management.


  • Prime has a specialized care management program that includes care based on oncology clinical practice guidelines and extensive staff training.


Our specialized focus allows us to deliver very complex, often highly skilled care in an efficient and cost effective manner.


  • By focusing on the unique needs of our patients, we are often able to reduce or eliminate costly hospitalizations and prompt early intervention when problems arise.


  • Our close collaboration with physicians’ offices allows for coordinated delivery of care that can help reduce duplication of services.


  • Our procedures and operations for the program are customized for oncology patients and include the following:


    • Oncology nurses in the office triage phone calls and are on call after hours. Patients, physicians, and physicians’ staff has access to an oncology nurse 24/7.


    • Lab tracking focus: Oncology Care realizes the importance of accurate, timely blood draws so patients can continue or change treatments as necessary; therefore, we have a special focus on lab management.


    • Medication management: Often, oncology patients may have frequent changes in medication regimes that require careful monitoring. Our staff is trained to monitor those changes closely, and our systems are set up to allow staff access to regularly updated patient medication profiles.


    • In addition to our oncology home care services, several of our staff members have chosen to sub-specialize in areas within the oncology home care setting. Some of our sub-specialty programs include Pain Management, Wound and Ostomy Management, Lymphedema Management, and a Post-Mastectomy/Breast Surgery Program.


    • Collaborative relationships with other community cancer-related organizations and cancer centers ensure that patients benefit from a variety of appropriate resources (i.e., American Cancer Society, Oncology Nursing Society, The Wellness Community).


For more information or to schedule a meeting to learn more about our program please call (248) 451-9400 or email onc@phcami.com.