Our Philosophy and Goals Behind Oncology Care


The driving philosophy behind our oncology specialty program is that of “closing the circle of specialty care.” Oncology patients currently receive specialized care in the outpatient setting (oncologists/hematologists, etc.) and the inpatient setting (oncology floors/units), so why would they not have specialized care at home where they are most vulnerable?

To take this philosophy one step further, all multidisciplinary home care team members, have experience in or are trained to the unique considerations of the oncology patient at home. This means that in addition to our nurses and therapists, our social workers and home health aides are trained as well. By ensuring that all team members are educated to cancer care, patients are surrounded by experts anticipating and responding to their complex medical and psychosocial needs. Often, when people think of home care for cancer patients, they assume the care is hospice care. The Oncology Specialty Home Care Program is a home health care service not a hospice-based program.

This program differs from hospice/pre-hospice or traditional palliative care programs in many ways:


  • Care is provided at any point along the continuum of care— often early after diagnosis.

  • Patients are usually actively receiving treatment (although care is provided if patients are hospice eligible but choose not to transfer for whatever reason).

  • A primary focus of the program is on rehabilitation — many of our patients are discharged back to independent living.

  • Patients must meet the home care eligibility requirements of their insurance if payment is third party.


The goals of our Oncology Home Care team in working with patients and caregivers are to:


  • Make a difference in the lives of people we have the privilege to touch by providing compassionate, holistic, expert care.


  • Promote patient and caregiver independence by anticipating and responding to the patient’s and caregiver’s educational needs.


  • Assess and intervene early in side effect and symptom management in an effort to improve quality of life, maintain treatment schedules, and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.


  • Rehabilitate patients to their optimum level of independence.


  • Assess and respond to the patient’s and caregiver’s psychosocial needs and, when warranted, refer to appropriate community resources.



The goals of our Oncology Home Care team in supporting other health care providers are to:


  • Be the “eyes and ears” for the physicians and their staff in the home setting by providing concise, accurate clinical updates.


  • Reinforce the patient’s and caregiver’s education initiated in the inpatient or outpatient setting.


  • Assist in monitoring the patient’s and caregiver’s understanding of medication and adherence to medication schedules.


  • Ease the burden of multiple visits and/or calls by the patient or caregiver to the office when problems arise.


For more information or to schedule a meeting to learn more about our program please call (248) 451-9400 or email onc@phcami.com.




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