The Importance of Specialized Oncology Home Care


Specialty care across all health care settings is important for delivery of quality care. There’s a reason that when you have a heart attack, you’re admitted to the cardiac floor and not the maternity unit…specializing saves lives. Imagine the fear you might feel as you return home from a hospital stay, tired and nauseated after high dose chemotherapy, only to learn that your home care team has little or no oncology expertise. Cancer patients deserve specialized care in all health care settings.

Cancer is a complex collection of many different diseases often accompanied by extreme emotional issues. Treatment can be intense and it is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the pace of change in cancer care today is challenging for even the most seasoned oncology clinician and is nearly impossible for the generalist staff member. Implementing a specialized professional team to care for patients at home enables us to deliver sophisticated care where problems (like oncologic emergencies) are identified and reported early and prompt intervention is initiated.

We‘ve identified the top 22 after hours phone calls that Oncology/Hematology Doctors receive and used these to develop our telephone triage tool, our staff possesses the skills to deal with these issue in conjunction with Doctor’s orders.

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